Affordable SEO services for clothing industry in Delhi NCR

Dress Like Celebrity

NetJungle Media Improved The Organic Visibility & Boost Search Engine Rankings Of The Site.

Client Facts:-

- India based designer wear store.

- Faculty size below 50 employees.


- Reduce Duplicate Content and Google Panda Algorithm Mitigation.

- Improve The Search Engine Results Of Website.

Optimization Results:-

- Website Visits: +99.05%

- Page views: +40.79%

- Landing Page Entrances: +420.94%

- Conversions: +54.90%

- Online Revenue: +45.29%


Client was not happy with the search engine ranking of the website and it even failed to bring any quality traffic. He was also facing duplicate content which was directly hurting the rank of the website. The client was extremely frustrated when he approached us as he failed to understand how the content had an impact on the site.

Our Solution:-

Our experts at NetJungle Media created robots.txt file which stopped Google from crawling the weak web pages. A rewrite was also done by the team of writers with internal links which made the site unique and effective. Improving the content quality was a must because it helped us create compelling web pages that has a direct impact on the search engine results.
Another important step was to track the URL’s that Google had indexed for the website. While our experts were working on Google index, we found a test site which has been specifically crawled, and that specific factor resulted into major website duplication. We immediately blocked the test site.

Results :-

As soon as we removed the duplicate content it boosts the number of pages in Google index. Although it can be a difficult task to remove hundreds or thousands of URLs, implementing the same will improve the ranking of the other pages. The client is now focusing on building a strong brand and implementing different strategies to improve the user engagement.

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